11 April
2016 Shanghai Pudong International Automotive Exhibition, “Steer the future with intelligence”.

Supported by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF) and Shanghai Pudongxinqu Government, organized by China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Automotive Committee as well as Shanghai Pudong Committee, and China Chamber of International Commerce, 2016 Shanghai Pudong International Automotive Exhibition will take place at Shanghai Pudong New International Exhibition Center from Sep 29th – Oct 3rd.

Although held for only 1 edition, 2014 Shanghai Pudong International Automotive Exhibition has already become the most influential automotive show in Eastern China because of the 90000-square-meter Venue, attendance of 150 related enterprises, presentations of 492 new models and more than 300 thousand visitors.

Based on the perfect beginning of the last edition, 2016 Shanghai Pudong International Automotive Exhibition will realize more breakthroughs and pioneering undertakings. The scale will develop from a regional show to an international exhibition.

The Theme will be more distinct. The time of intellectualization, networking and electrification is on the way. Under the influence of this environment, international automotive industry will realize great opportunity and transformation. The intention of the theme “Steering the future with intelligence” is to present the latest researching accomplishment of international intelligent automobile, as well as the fusion of automobile and internet, so as to accelerate the development of whole industry.

“Intelligent traffic”, “Telematic”, “man-machine interaction”, “man less driving”, “electronic automobile” … All the topics represent future trend will become the key points. Various “man less driving” program will take place during the exhibition period, so that the latest automobile technologies will be up close to visitors. As a result, the visitors will be able to prospect the most advanced technology, the latest concept and explore more possibilities in automotive industry.

Because of the participation of internet automobile manufacturer, telematic suppliers and intelligent high-tech enterprises, the exhibition worth expecting. They will discuss the future of automotive industry together with all the automobile enterprises. The fusion of internet and traditional automobile enterprises will create more innovative ideas and infinite possibilities.

All the activities and forums will be more enlightening, orientative, interactive and ornamental. The exhibition shows not only physic vehicles, but also the communication of thought, ideology and concept. In the 5 days, dozens of forums will be take place, pioneer leaders of international automotive enterprises, high-tech corporations and financial groups will get together. Every guest represents a high position; every idea can lead a new style.

The conference of intelligent automobile and telematic will be a light spot. The two-day forum is expected to have more than 100 guests discussing the main topic.

The scale and influence of the exhibition will realize a remarkable increase. The venue area is to reach 120000 square meters, and more intelligent models will be showed in the exhibition. New models of almost all the multinational automotive enterprises and domestic manufacturers will be presented. The amount of visitors is expected to break 500 thousand; media participation will also rise observably.

Nowadays, the automotive industry is staying again in the intersection of historical development. ”where to go” is becoming a topic which concerned by more and more people. Shanghai Pudong New International Exhibition Center has already held 6 editions of international automotive exhibitions. With a theme of “Steering the future with intelligence” and the help of the advanced devices and location advantage of commerce, economy, science, trade, shipping, finance and information center, 2016 Shanghai automotive exhibitions should create a “future showing” platform for manufacturers, media, consumers and other participants involved in automotive ecosphere, demonstrate charm of the whole industry, and provide power for the development.