05 April
2016 Pudong International Automotive Exhibition is coming

The Shanghai Pudong International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016) will take place from Sep 29th – Oct 3rd, 2016 at Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. After two editions, the Pudong international Automotive Exhibition has become the most influential international automotive exhibition in Eastern China. This year, Pudong will continue the pomp of last editions and create a professional automotive exhibition by accomplish a distinct theme, innovative style, careful services, keeping up with times, facing the future. At the same time, the scale and qulity of the exhibition, the passion of media and visiting experience will also be improved.

Shanghai International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016) is specially supported by China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIP) and Shanghai Dudongxinqu Government, and is held by China Council for Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Committee (CCPIT-Auto) and Shanghai Pudong Committee.

With a theme of “Steer the future with intelligence”, Shanghai International Automotive Exhibition caters the trend. Under an environment of “New Normal” economy, the automotive industry is always seeking for new chances. With the help of “Internet+”, new ideas, new technology and new model is motivating the transition and upgrading of the whole industry. Automotive industry in China is booming prosperously in e-commerce and other aspects, the transition from “second-mover advantage” to “first mover advantage” is a transition of consciousness, and also a reflection of strength. Intelligent networking car is a new generation car which realizes intelligent driving and information connection. With the promotion of information technology innovation and environmental protection, informatization, intellectualization, networking and electrification have occupied the thought of auto lovers. Nowadays, automotive industry is staying on a intersection of opportunity; automotive exhibitions should focus on creating a “future showing” platform for manufacturers, media, consumers and other participants involved in automotive ecosphere, and demonstrate charm of the whole industry. The history is indicating the direction of development of automotive industry. By confirming the theme of “Steering the future with intelligence”, 2016 Shanghai International Automotive Exhibition defines the function and nature change of automobile, steps on the high position of strategy, and contribute to the future development of automotive industry.

To be held at Shanghai New International Exhibition Center – one of the greatest exhibition centers in China, with the help of advanced equipment, professional management team and the location advantage of commerce, economy, science, trade, shipping, finance and information center, Shanghai Pudong International Automotive Exhibition will present a splendid feast for the public. The stuff of organizers will insist the principles of “deeply”, “carefully” and “essentially”, work hard for the automitive industry and for a professional, scientific and intelligent exhibition.

The last exhibition has attracted nearly 300 thousand visitors and 150 enterprises, almost all brands of the multinational automotive enterprises and manufactures has been included. 492 vehicles have been shown during the exhibition period, which became a brilliant view of the summer in Shanghai. The exhibition will keep the ancient characteristics by showing the dynamic performance of the vehicles, so that the visitors can have a view from all sights to understand technological and intelligent points of different vehicles; Cooperation with multimedia, which enriches the interaction on the spot; Realization of three linkages, that is to say, realize the linkage of automotive exhibition and sales, linkage of inside and outside exhibition and linkage of online and offline consumption. Based on the three linkages, 2014 Shanghai Automotive Exhibition has held the automotive industry forum in free trade zone, discuss the influence to the development of Chinese automotive economy, break-though the ticket channel, cooperation with application software companies for electronic tickets, which innovate the environmental protection. Combine the youth’s habit and interest to hold the exhibition at night, performance on the spot, so as to create an “automotive carnival”.

We will go all out for 2016 Shanghai International Automotive Exhibition. That the Exhibition chase for is not a wonderful performance, but a heart to heart interaction. Having the experience of last exhibitions and based on the booming of industry’s development, the goal is to present the honest and passion in details, and present an international and professional automotive exhibition.

2016 Shanghai International Automotive Exhibition is coming. Sep 29th – Oct 3rd, see you in Pudong, Shanghai.