5 April
2016 Shanghai Pudong International Automotive Exhibition

Since AutoPudong successfully hosted in 2012 for the first time, it hasgained great support and help from the auto industry and the audience.Based on the efforts and progress of previous years, AutoPudong has become the top biennial automotive exhibition in Eastern China with its significant influence. It shows rapid increase and growth regarding to thescale, the effect and the satisfaction of exhibitors and audience.

The 2016 AutoPudong will focus on”Intelligent Driving the Future” the automotive industry is now standing at the crossroad of revolution and facing to the new opportunities. With the New Energy Technology, Internet Technology and Mobile Communication Technology, the global auto industry indicates the possibility to extend the function of autos and to upgrade the performance of products. To completely merge the new technologies with the auto industry and restructure the industrial structure is what the whole industry is doing. Benefited from the technologies of electrification, informatization and intelligentialize, the vehicles would get smarter than ever. In addition, the ‘Internet Plus’ has also brought the revolutionary changing to the auto industry in terms of marketing and manufacturing, etc. Under this revolutionary circumstance, AutoPudong will focus on creating a platform for all manufacturers, media and consumers to display the future auto ecosystem.

The 2016 AutoPudong will be hosted during Sept. 29 to Oct. 3, 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). SNIEC owns the world-class facilities and excellent management crew along with integrated supporting facilities and convenient traffic, providing outstanding hardware facilities for large scale automotive exhibitions. AutoPudong will make full use of the advantage of the beneficial policies of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the construction of the Global Science Innovation Center. In addition, combined with exquisite service and innovative mode, AutoPudong is fated to be a meaningful and valuable creative event for the auto industry. The Secretariat of AutoPudong